Understanding the File Structure of Your Computer -

Receive and Save a file sent via ICQ

This tutorial is written assuming that you are comfortable with ICQ. You have downloaded it, installed it, and learned how to send messages back and forth to friends on your contact list.

Now, let's assume someone on your contact list has sent you a file. You don't know what to do.

Well, you are going to learn what to do in this tutorial. You will learn to receive the file and save is to a folder where you will be able to find it.

diagram30.gif - 5616 Bytes When one of your friends is sending you a file, you will notice the yellow file beside their name flashing. You will also get a verbal message (if your speakers are on) that says something like, incoming file transfer. You will now click on their name and the next screen will pop up.

You will now click on receive. diagram31.gif - 9980 Bytes

diagram32.gif - 18138 Bytes The incoming file request screen will pop up after you have clicked on receive. (it is in the background in this diagram). You will click on save. Then the screen in front will pop up. This is the place where you will select a directory to place the file in. Mine has come up at the C:\ drive, with the My Documents Directory open. NOtice the open folder beside it. I will now have to navigate to whichever directory that I want to save my file to. If the directory you want is not shown, you will have to go to it. You may use the slide bar (red arrow) click on it and hold down your left mouse and slide it downward. Or if your directory is somewhere else on the C:\ drive, double click on the C:\ and all the directories on the C:\ drive will be visible. you may have to scroll down to get to the one you want.

Please note that at this point you are also given the option to create a directory to place your file in. I have drawn a pink circle around it.

Once you are in the proper folder, where you would like to save the file. Click on save.

This has been the most difficult tutorial to write. I have had to take screen shots with each step as I am receiving a file. My thanks goes to my daughter Sandy for her patience in resending the file over and over so I could get the appropriate screen shots. Back

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