Netscape Instructions

Change Settings in Netscape Mail - No Reply Included

You may want to take a moment to refresh your memory on The File Structure of Your Computer.

When you are ready, this tutorial will walk you through Changing the settings in Netscape so that you will be able to comply with email list regualtions and be able to use good NETIQUETTE.

When replying to email on a list or even personal/private emails, it is only good manners to quote the section you are replying to. It is NOT considered approptiate to just hit reply and send the whole message back to the person/list with your reply. Learning how to do this takes no time at all. In fact there are settings on your machine that help you.

Learning how to copy and paste is also beneficial. To copy a section of an email.....highlight (click at the beginning of the section, hold down your mouse button, and while holding it down, drag across the section you want to quote until you get to the end. Release your mouse. The text will now be Highlighted.) Now there are many ways to copy what you have just highlighted. Once the text is highlighted, hit the ctrl key plus the letter c this copies what you have hightlighted. Now go to your new email message to paste in the section you are paste just place your cursor inside the body of the message where you want the quote and hit the ctrl key and the letter v. This will paste the text into your message.

Now to change the settings so that the original message (that has already been read) will not be included follow these instructions.

Open your Netscape Mail, and the click on 'Edit' in the upper left corner, then click on 'Preferences'


This is the screen you will get after clicking on preferences. Now click on messages.

Make sure that there is NO check mark in the box beside 'automatically quote message when replying'

The box is outlined in yellow.


That is it, all there is to it. You will now no longer annoy people by including useless text.

These instructions will be helpful to those using other email programs as well, because many of them are very similar.

If you can think of a way that I can make this tutorial more easily understood, please contact me.

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