I have been involved in the sport of showing dogs under the kennel prefix Bellcrest Boxers Perm Reg'd for many years. My business name and my kennel name seemed to confuse people, so I decided it would be easier and less confusing to use Bellcrest for both ventures, business and pleasure. To learn more about me check out the Our Story page of my Bellcrest Boxers Reg'd website.

When I first started in webdesign, I designed a few websites for friends using graphics available from various graphic designers on the net. I was very impressed with their work, and with the fact that they freely share their creations for non commercial purposes. All they asked for is a link back to their sites. My life changed unexpectedly, and I found myself with time on my hands, so I downloaded Paint Shop Pro 5 and began to learn. I was more often frustrated than creative. I started doing some tutorials that I found online. Some of the best PSP tutorials I found were at Web Graphics on a Budget.

As I progressed I became more and more addicted to Paint Shop Pro. Then I acquired more graphics software. PhotoShop and PhotoImpact 4.2. After a few aborted attempts at learning PhotoImpact, I found I like it better than PSP and PS. Next came the inevitable upgrades, bringing us up to the current versions PSP 7 and PI8. I seldom use PSP or PS any more. PhotoImpact has become my graphics program of choice.

Much credit for my skills in PhotoImpact must go to Stephanie. Stephanie's PhotoImpact Tutorials have been very benificial. I am happy to call the PhotoImpact gang on her Bulletin Board my friends. For more info on the programs I use check out the FAQ's page on this site.   Those of us who do custom graphics and design custom web sites develop our own styles.

My webpage sets are offered for a link back to my site. They are available for personal pages only. Please do NOT use them on pages  that are not suitable for family viewing.  Please read our terms before downloading any of our graphics.

Webdesign means change, constant change, and one must keep up to all the changes in technology, so in an attempt to do just that, I continue to take classes at LVS Online. This is a friendly community where learning is fun. Check out my LVS Online assignment pages.

We offer the Following Services:
  • Background Sets
  • Exclusive Sets
  • Custom Graphics
  • Web Design
  • Custom Scanning
  • HTML Help
  • Tutoring
  • Design Resource

  • Tutorials for
    Computer Newbies
    CSS Pedigrees

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