My tutorials were originally written for my friends. They are very new to computers and in many cases it was me that talked them into getting a computer, so I feel responsible for helping them learn.

I have tried to keep these tutorials very simple and basic. More will follow as time allows. I hope you find these tutorials useful. I am very proud of the progress made by those I have been tutoring!

My Tutorials
My Own Tutorials
Computer Newbies

Understanding the File Structure of Your Computer (How to find and/or file stuff!)
Receive and Save an Email Attachment
Find and Send a File by Email
Create an Automatic Email Signature (Netscape)
Create an Automatic Signature (Outlook Express)
Getting ICQ and Installing It!
Find and Send a file via ICQ
Receive and Save a file with ICQ
Downloading and Installing Pawprint Screen Saver File
Download and install Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader
Edit Your Email replies (Netiquette in Outlook Express)
Edit Your Email replies (Netiquette in Netscape Mail)

PhotoImpact 6 Tutorials Book Cover Tutorial
Interactive Puzzle for IE 4 or better
More Helpful Newbie Tutorials Learn to Download from the Internet
Using Winzip
Using WS_FTP
Using CuteFTP
Canine Specialty Software Sending a Pedigree by Email
Boxerbase Update Instructions
Outlook Express Backup Wizzard A Utility to Backup Outlook Express: Creates a backup copy of email messages, attachments, address book, list of blocked senders, identities, accounts, message rules, and signatures.
Web Design Resources Links to help you learn how to build your own website

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